Here are some of the things our clients have said about us.

“Jason Heath is an excellent and smart financial planner who provides timely, objective and strategic advice.  He is brilliant at coming up with effective solutions related to investments, taxes, insurance needs and retirement planning.  Jason is honest and looks out for his client’s best interest.  I would highly recommend him.”

Salim Jadavji


“Over a number of years Brenda assisted a large number of our clients with building their Financial Plans.  These ranged from simple to complex, and personal to corporate.  Brenda had a great ability to not only capture the quantitative numbers, but also to work with the individuals and couples to help them determine their most important goals and objectives in the years and decades ahead.”

Andrew Guilfoyle, CA, CPA, CFA


“After endless frustrations with our local financial advisor, we reached out to partner with Nancy Grouni from Objective Financial Partners. Nancy actively listened to our concerns and addressed our needs so that these were her top priority. She collaborated with us through the entire process to build a comprehensive and useful financial plan that focused on our current and future financial needs. Nancy demonstrated her exceptional communication skills which were valuable since we were geographically too distant to meet in person. We conducted regular teleconferenced meetings that resulted in exceptional value and accommodated our busy schedule. Thanks Nancy for helping us actualize our financial goals and helping us place these into action.”

Jennifer & Tyler Smith


“I’m great with finances and Jason showed me a way of looking at my situation that was obvious but I had completely missed. His insight gave me the information I needed to make the decision to retire at 52.”

Eric Martin


“Jason’s services have been invaluable over the years.  Jason has helped my wife and I with critical decisions and planning, and I also brought Jason in to help with a retirement plan for my mother.  Jason’s thoughtful and well-informed approach to financial planning is complemented by his capacity to make complex financial issues simple, and his skill at helping people develop a good point-of-view about the available alternatives.  Recommended.”

Jeff Hecker


“As a senior editor at MoneySense, I’m always looking for exceptional fee-only planners who can offer our readers impartial, professional and easy-to-understand advice. Jason Heath has filled this role for me for more than a decade. In fact, we at MoneySense value his advice so much that he have added him as a weekly contributor to our MoneySense web site. With his simple and trusted financial advice, he has helped make MoneySense, as well as his new blog “Ask A Planner” one of our most inspiring and well-read features.”

Julie Cazzin


“Jason Heath is a rare beacon of clarity and objectivity in an era of volatile markets, new technologies and global disruption. Jason’s true expertise lies in his ability to steer his clients through the often overwhelming world of personal financial decisions both large and small. I would recommend Jason to any person wanting a true partner in achieving personal financial success.”

N. Bianchi


“Jason has been counselling us on financial and tax planning since 2007. Jason is easy to work with, takes the time to fully understand family and personal circumstance and provides financial/tax guidance and advice that is aligned to our goals. Work gets done properly and accurately. Most importantly, he is solid at what he does – his years of experience and vast knowledge are tremendous assets. Most recently Jason has been working on our tax/financial planning though a work related move to the US. We have benefited tremendously from his counsel over the years.”

Chetan Malik

Marketing Director, Fortune 500 Company


“It’s a real pleasure working with Jason.  He is a true professional in every way and has been instrumental in assisting me with my retirement planning, taxes and various financial planning. He is extremely knowledgeable and responds to all my queries in a timely manner.  I plan to continue using Jason’s services and have no hesitation in recommending his services.”

Rosanne Bencini


“Knowledgeable and thoroughly organized are the words that come to mind when we think about Jason Heath.  Although we have not known him for very long, he has made us feel very comfortable and confident in his ability to sort out our financial mess and provide us with a comprehensive, easy-to-understand plan for our future.  Above all, we were very impressed with Jason’s effective listening skills and his ability to demystify financial terms and explain them in layman’s terms.  We now feel empowered to execute his objective advice and recommendations.  Jason would be a great asset to any client seeking objective financial advice.  He comes with our heartfelt recommendation.”

Coleen and Larry Power (Peterborough, ON)


“My wife and I considered several for-fee financial advisors before choosing Jason.  We worked hard to provide him with the depth of financial detail he needed to do his analysis, and we know he worked even harder to give us his excellent feedback and recommendations.  Follow-up questions were also answered thoroughly.  He’s personable, knowledgeable, and intuitive.  Highly recommended.”

Doug & Ann


“Being an American citizen living in Toronto with a Canadian wife and children, my tax situation is very complicated!  Jason Heath has been able to help us to execute the most tax-efficient plan possible.  Additionally, together we’ve designed a smart long-term investment plan for my family and me.  It would not have been possible to create such a plan without Jason’s knowledge and partnership – for this we are grateful to Jason and his team at Objective.”

Greg & Katie O (Toronto, ON)


“Jason wrote the most comprehensive financial plan I have ever seen.  He reviewed both our spending and saving habits, but also our insurance and will as well.  This not only included our personal scenario, but that of both our companies. He then provided a written summary with plotted graphs and charts to show our financial position from now until 100, with surprise expenses such as house repairs, cars, and holidays added in, while reflecting the type of retirement we are aiming for.   He then continued by personally explaining  the plan to us.  Following this extensive exercise, he was available for the entire year  as our situation changed and I added more questions.  His responses were extremely quick and insightful.  Jason’s fee was upfront and fair, with absolutely no sales pitches.  I could not have been happier with the results.”

Dr. George McMeekin  DMD (Victoria, BC)


“Jason Heath is in a tough business. He provides objective financial planning but doesn’t earn a dime in commissions. Because he doesn’t benefit from investment purchases or client account sizes, he advises with no strings attached. Jason’s services are worth the money.”

Andrew Hallam

Author of “Millionaire Teacher” and “The Global Expatriate’s Guide to Investing”


“It was great to work with Nancy – we had significant objectives to reach and it was a relief to know that we could achieve those. Nancy’s advice on the investment side was also important – we have executed … based on the recommendations and have invested the cash according to the proposed allocations. We will definitely need a tune up in a few years and will reach out again for sure!”

Mark and Susan


“Nancy provided us with the unbiased financial advice we had been seeking for a long time. From the initial consultation to the finalized reports we were very impressed with her professionalism, knowledge and attention to our particular concerns. She completed a comprehensive review of our financial situation and provided us with a road map tailored to our retirement goals. She provided us with valuable investment, tax and insurance advice all without trying to sell us anything! We now feel much more confident in our investment and retirement strategies. From a customer service perspective, it was an absolute pleasure to deal with Nancy. Throughout the process she was very responsive to our particular queries. Without hesitation we would consult with her again in the future for a financial “check-up”.”

Sharon and Craig


“The financial plan for my recent retirement has given me much greater certainty and peace of mind.  From the first phone meeting with Nancy Grouni, I began to feel relieved. She was highly professional and respectful of my constraints, but offered invaluable input, which is now captured in a financial plan that will serve me well for years to come. I wish I had taken this step years earlier.”

Meryl Hodnett


“Jason has helped me with all my financial planning needs since 2008. He has offered excellent advice on many strategic issues I have faced over the years. A wonderful skill that Jason possesses is his ability to listen to your situation and decipher the key issues. He is extremely thoughtful in his deliberation before offering his recommendations. I have recommended Jason to my closest friends and family. I know that they will be well cared for and extremely impressed with him on both a professional and personal level.”

Roxanne Henderson

Broker City House Country Home


“I have worked with Jason for almost 8 years now in his capacity of Financial Adviser, and followed him when he recently left his previous employer to establish his own firm.  Over these past 8 years, I have relied exclusively on Jason’s financial advice, consultations, and analysis to make informed decisions about my family’s financial future, as well as developing our Wills, Power of Attorneys, complete income tax returns for Canada and the USA, and receiving investment recommendations.  I have found Jason to be a highly respected and competent financial adviser who is extremely approachable, personable, and always ready to assist.  Due to his lack of affiliations with investment vehicles and his fee-only membership structure with no commissions, he can be trusted to always work in the best interest of his clients rather than pushing someone else’s agenda.  I would highly recommend Jason’s services to anyone who is seeking financial peace of mind in the short and long term, especially given these times of great uncertainty and global economic turbulence.”

Maurizio Laudisa


“Jason Heath has been our financial advisor since the autumn of 2007.  After he left his previous employer to start his own company, we followed him.  Jason has been a wonderful advisor for making financial decisions, certainly the best of a series of people we have dealt with.   He is an attentive listener who gives very personalized advice to his clients, and has many contacts to call upon for additional expertise.  He is open, approachable, personable, and has a great sense of humour.  We consider ourselves very fortunate to be his clients, both financially and personally.”

Margaret Kelly


“Nancy provided us with a very thorough financial plan that helped us immensely so would could get a solid grip on our financial picture both for the present and future.”

John & Laura


“I have spent many years juggling accountants, tax preparers, lawyers, stock brokers, insurance agents and estate planners. While I have a reasonable idea of what I am doing, I missed having a source of sober, second thought. That is where Jason Heath comes in. These days everyone is a “financial planner”, but in fact Jason really is. He has helped with my investing strategy, my estate planning and my taxes, all with wisdom and experience and without bias. Thank you Jason. I have never felt so comfortable and in control of my financial affairs.”

Peter Cook

Broker/Senior VP Office Leasing, Cushman & Wakefield Ltd


“I chose to work with Jason because through our initial exchange of emails, I found him to be accessible, approachable, candid and frank.  That easily translated into a solid foundation of trust, which I believe is the key for a successful working relationship with any financial planner.  As we worked together for a period of time together, I feel his passion in educating the client about different aspect of financial planning and also in delivering customized solution for each unique situation.  I also like his expertise in explaining pension and his focus on the total well-being of the client – not just financially, but from a family dynamics and life experiences perspective.”

Jordan Wu


“As a former financial planning professional, I can confidently say that I deeply admire Jason Heath’s high level of personal and professional integrity.  He applies a very detailed and rigorous methodology to help families, and businesses, map out effective financial solutions that put their needs first – without the conflicts of interest faced within some competitor firms.”

Stephen Reesor


“I am a DIY investor. Five years ago a friend who assisted me in managing an unregistered and two registered accounts died suddenly. Although I had maintained a general oversight of those investment accounts I was left not only with the problem of specific choices of investments but more significantly without an advisor who had provided me with an objective perspective and to act as a counterfoil from time to time. Through another friend I was introduced to Jason Heath and he has completely filled that void. He has reviewed and suggested changes to my financial plan; he has pointed out specific investments for my consideration; and most importantly he provides objective advice including introductions to possible investment opportunities. I highly value his judgment and his advice and I am confident that his only interest is in my finances.”

Don Brown

Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP


“Nancy is diligent, thorough, hard working, conscientious, and highly professional. She is committed to providing the highest level of client-service possible.”

Michael Curtis

President, Vision Systems Corp.


“Jason is smart, experienced and knows his stuff. He’s a great source for personal finance insight.”

Bruce Sellery

Author of “Moolala: Why smart people do dumb things with their money (and what you can do about it)” Columnist at Moneysense Magazine


“My husband and I have used Jason’s services for many years, starting before he was at Objective Financial Partners. His work is of such high quality that we decided to follow him when he left his last position. Jason covers off our financial planning and tax return preparation for our family. He also provides excellent ongoing advice for other financial questions/projects we have going on outside of our family home and personal taxes. My tax return can sometimes be complicated because I have a business outside of my employment – Jason has never had any issues with this and is able to consistently complete the paperwork maximizing the return for me. I have recommended him to many other people, and we will continue to work with Jason on an ongoing basis.”

Dvorah R.

Senior Manager


“True fee-only planners are rare in Canada but Jason Heath has established himself and his new firm on the vanguard of this growing area. His reputation for dispensing sensible objective guidance has also made him a go-to source for many media.”

Jonathan Chevreau

Editor, MoneySense Magazine


“Thanks for taking me on as a client. This has been an important exercise and has given me great insight into my financial affairs. You’ve been extremely helpful and I hope I can call on you from time to time to help me update my plan as circumstances change. I get the sense you have a thriving practice and hope you don’t mind if I recommend you to some of my friends.”

Jack Fleischmann

General Manager, Business News Network


“I am not sure how I would have handled all this without your advice and assistance. I really was naive about the process, timelines and the decisions to be made. To tell you the truth, I find it a bit nerve-wracking. Thank you Jason for your support.”

Judy S.


“We went to Nancy to help with our retirement plan and see if we were on the right track. We found Nancy to be very thorough and she explained everything clearly. We were very happy with the final report. It was clear, concise and put our minds at ease. We would not hesitate to recommend Nancy to anyone looking for straightforward financial advice.”

Nancy & Gerry

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