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Employee Financial Wellness

We can enhance the financial literacy and well-being of your employees. We accomplish this by providing one-on-one packages as well as tailored group presentations that cater to a company’s needs. We can improve employees’ understanding of existing employer programs and educate them on how to maximize these benefits effectively.

Approximately 40% of the workforce feels overwhelmed by their level of debt1, while 48% say they have lost sleep because of financial worries2. Additionally, 35% spend all of their net pay or even more3, and 44% say it would be difficult to meet their financial obligations if their pay was late4. Furthermore, 37% say they will have to delay retirement because they will not have enough money saved6. These statistics underscore the importance of improving financial literacy among employees to address these concerning issues.


We recognize that employees may be at different stages in their lives, which is why we provide varied presentations suited to different life stages. This ensures that the information delivered is relevant and beneficial to unique circumstances.

In terms of delivery options, we offer flexibility to accommodate different preferences. Whether it’s a concise one-hour presentation introducing the basics of financial planning, or a series of seminars designed to build knowledge progressively, we adapt to meet the specific requirements of the audience. Additionally, we can provide both online delivery as well as in-person sessions for those located in Southern Ontario.

Personalized Planning Sessions

Many companies have started to add fee-only, advice-only financial planning as a perk for their senior executives. It helps keep top talent focused on corporate business because they know their personal business is well-organized by a professional who is on their side.

Furthermore, the group benefits provider or pension administrator that works with the broader employee base may do an excellent job for most employees but may not be well-equipped to counsel a company’s senior management.

Retirement counselling provided by an advice-only financial planner is also one of the few employee benefits that is not taxable on an employee’s T4 here in Canada. As such, it can be a way to compensate an employee without having the employee taxed on that compensation.

Some companies offer ongoing one-on-one financial planning to their senior executives, while others take a different approach, offering a retirement planning session to milestone employees (ie. 55 years of age with 10 or more years of service). We can also help employees who are part of a downsizing or who need advice related to a company-wide pension plan change (moving from a defined benefit pension to a defined contribution pension, for example).



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