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At Objective Financial, our sole purpose is providing unbiased financial, tax and estate planning advice

Money Coaching, Financial Mentorship, Financial Facelift

Our job as your money coach and financial mentor is to help you build the competence and confidence to make empowered financial decisions and money advice that support your priorities and transitions in life.

Who can benefit?

  • You earn a good income, but you are finding it difficult to get ahead
  • You are unsure where all your money goes at the end of the month
  • Money is source of stress for you
  • Money differences are putting a strain on your relationship
  • You don’t know if you can afford to switch careers or end a relationship
  • You are feeling behind on your savings and wealth building
  • You are de-coupling your finances due to a separation or divorce
  • You are finding it difficult to strike a balance between living life to its fullest, while securing your financial future
  • You are looking for guidance in making informed financial decisions
  • Budgeting isn’t working for you, and you want to learn a better way to manage your finances

What results can you expect?

  • A clear understanding of your financial situation, and what’s happening with your money
  • An understanding of the root cause of your financial concerns
  • Strategies to help you to free up cash flow, pay down debt, save, and build wealth
  • Develop new spending habits to support your priorities and goals
  • A simplified system to manage your finances
  • Be on the same page with your partner when it comes to money
  • Ability to make confident and empowered financial decisions
  • Cash flow projections and roadmap to hit your financial gaols and navigate life’s transitions (divorce, career change, loss of spouse, and retirement)

Who would be helping me?

Thuy (Twee) Lam is an empathetic money mentor and Certified Financial Planner (CFP) with nearly 25 years of financial planning, financial coaching, wealth management, and business consulting experience.

She has an Hon. BA, Economics & Sociology from University of Toronto.

Her educational and professional experience helps Thuy deliver tangible money and financial advice in a way that truly empowers her clients.

What are my options?

Money Coaching: $500 (1 session)

This can include answers to your most pressing financial questions and concerns.

  • Should I invest my money in an RSP or TFSA?
  • What is the best way for me to save for a house down payment?
  • Should I pay down debt or invest?
  • What options should I select for my company group benefits and retirement plan?

Financial Mentorship Package: $1,500 (3 sessions)


  • Understanding your financial questions and concerns
  • Gaining clarity about your priorities and financial goal setting


  • Your personal net worth worksheet (what you own + what you owe)
  • Your personal cash flow worksheet (your in’s + out’s)


  • Expense audit to remove unnecessary spending and financial clutter
  • Mapping out your cash flow (spending, saving, and investing) to support your financial goals

Financial Facelift Package: $3,000 to $4,000 (5+ sessions)

This includes a financial roadmap to crush your goals and live your dream life.


  • Creating a vision of your dream life
  • Gaining clarity about your financial goals or life transition
  • Identifying obstacles that are standing in your way (financial and mindset)


  • Your personal net worth worksheet (what you own + what you owe)
  • Your personal cash flow worksheet (your in’s + out’s)


  • Clear understanding of where your money is going
  • Expense audit to remove unnecessary spending and financial clutter


  • Creating an intentional spending plan to support your dream life
  • Establishing new money habits that support your priorities
  • Automating your debt paydown, savings, and investing
  • Roadmap to successfully hit your goals and navigate through a life transition

Ongoing Support

We offer ongoing support that can vary depending on your goals.

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The purpose of this meeting is to understand your specific needs to determine if and how we can help. We then provide a quote for our services to be detailed in a written engagement letter that acts as our contract to you. Please note we cannot provide advice to you during this introductory meeting.

We work with many self-directed DIY investors. That said, we cannot provide investment recommendations for the purchase or sale of specific securities, nor can other fee-only/advice-only financial planners in Canada who are not licensed to manage your investments.

Please note our minimum consultation fee is $1,500 plus applicable sales tax. If you provide some information below and request it from us, we can provide a rough estimate on pricing prior to an introductory meeting.

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