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Money Coaching & Financial Mentorship

Our job as your money coach and financial mentor is to help you build the competence and confidence to make empowered financial decisions. We will review your cash flow and help you to establish positive money habits and proactive strategies that will support your dreams, priorities, and transitions in life.

When to Use a Money Coach

If you have been looking for a way to get straightforward and unbiased advice about how to manage your finances and get your money working for you, a money coach would be a good choice.

Money coaches will provide you with the professional insight necessary to make educated and empowered decisions with your money. When you collaborate with us, you can choose the option to schedule a quick meeting to ask a one-off question. Or you can establish an ongoing relationship with pre-determined check-ins to help you monitor a spending and saving plan to live your dream life and hit your financial goals.

With Money Coaching, We Focus on Helping Clients With:

1. Assessing their current financial state and net worth
2. Identifying and addressing any gaps (money and mindset)
3. Building financial resilience
4. Developing healthy, repeatable money habits
5. Establishing a simplified system to manage their finances
6. Developing a cash flow roadmap to successfully navigate life transitions such as leaving a job, starting a business, retirement, loss of spouse, and marriage or divorce.

Who can benefit?

  • You are looking for guidance in making financial decisions that align to your goals
  • You earn a good income, but you are finding it difficult to get ahead
  • You are unsure how to get your money to work for you
  • Money is source of stress for you
  • Money differences are putting a strain on your relationship
  • You don’t know if you can afford to switch careers or end a relationship
  • You are feeling behind on your savings and wealth building
  • You are finding it difficult to strike a balance between living life to its fullest, while securing your financial future
  • Budgeting is not working for you, and you want to learn a better way to manage your finances

Who would be helping me?

Thuy Lam profile pictureThuy (Twee) Lam is an empathetic money mentor and Certified Financial Planner (CFP) with nearly 25 years of financial planning, financial coaching, wealth management, and business consulting experience.

She has an BA (Hons), Economics & Sociology from University of Toronto.

Her educational and professional experience helps Thuy deliver tangible money and financial advice in a way that truly empowers her clients.

What results can you expect?

  • A clear understanding of your financial situation, and what is happening with your money each month
  • An understanding of the root cause of your financial concerns
  • Actionable strategies to help you to free up cash flow, pay down debt, save, and build wealth
  • Develop new spending habits to support your priorities and goals
  • Be on the same page with your partner when it comes to money
  • Ability to make confident and empowered financial decisions
  • Financial peace of mind

What are my options?

Money Coaching Session: $500 + applicable sales tax

A money coaching session is a meeting between you and your money coach. During this one-hour virtual session, we will focus on where you are now with your money and where you want to be. You will get the chance to unpack where you are financially, along with your worries and emotions related to money. You will get the answers to your most pressing financial questions and concerns.

Maybe you are wondering if you should pay down debt or invest. Or you are looking to get your finances in order so you can finally leave your job. Or maybe you just want to get guidance in making an important financial decision. You may not have someone else to speak to about these things, or at least someone who can provide the support you need.

Depending on the complexity of your situation, you may not leave the session with all your financial concerns magically resolved. But your financial coach will show you what you need to do and how to do it, to work towards your goals over time.

Financial Mentorship Package – $1,500 + applicable sales tax

Our financial mentorship package is great for those who want a bit more guidance in understanding where they stand financially, addressing any gaps (money or mindset), and developing a cash flow roadmap to live their dream life, while securing their financial future.

Maybe you are a family facing changes to your cash flow due to a parental leave, sickness, or inheritance. Or you are someone who makes a good income but cannot seem to get
ahead. Or maybe you are looking to become self-employed and need a cash flow roadmap
to give you the confidence to move forward.

The great thing about financial mentorship is that we can help guide you in virtually any situation.

You will meet with your financial coach over three coaching sessions and receive email support in between, along with worksheets.

  1. Discovery
  2. We will get to know you, learn about your dreams and priorities, and help to align your financial goals. We will also address any financial concerns and questions that you have.

  3. Financial Snapshot
  4. We will clarify where you stand financially and identify any gaps or money leaks. Together, we will get a picture of your personal net worth (what you own and what you owe) and work through understanding your cash flow (your ins and outs).

  5. Cash Flow Roadmap
  6. We will create a cash flow roadmap and establish an intentional spending and savings plan, so you can spend guilt-free while getting closer to your goals and dreams.

    We will create a simplified system to easily manage your finances

What Our Clients Are Saying

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Our journey with Thuy was more than just about dollars and cents. We realized that our money mindset is influenced by our lived experiences from childhood, past relationships, the media and life in general. How I think about and use money affects my whole being.

Thuy’s leadership has reset my money mindset, enhanced my relationship, replaced my anxiety about scarcity with abundance and more importantly has given me back control over my life. I have 99 problems but thanks to Thuy, money ain’t one!

Scherrie-Ann Richards, BSc., MBA, RPN


The financial coaching I received over the last year has been transformational. My coach, Thuy, is a delight to work with. She is so knowledgeable, kind and works for her client’s best interests. Whether it is personal finances, short term goals, or long term wealth building . . . you get a structured plan broken down into manageable steps. Within just a couple of sessions, I saw results.

This has helped me overcome my doubts, increased my confidence, and most of all taught me how to make my money work for me. Highly recommended – especially for women entrepreneurs!

Israa Khan

What we really wanted was to know how to get ourselves out of the hole we found ourselves in, how to free up our lives, and make our money work for us. We were really excited by the ideas and inspiration and what Thuy brought to the table. She was incredibly invested in our story and came up with some lateral thinking ideas.

Thuy quite blew my mind and gave me confidence to do things that I probably wouldn’t have done in the past. It’s not just a set of numbers for them. It’s actually how the finances work to enable your lifestyle that is what they are focused on and that’s different and that impressed me.

Rachel & Jono Gunthrie

Project Manager and Software Engineer

I did a quick one-hour money coaching session with Thuy and it was extremely helpful to me as it brought clarity to my financial understandings and showed me a path to follow for the next 5 years that was in-line with my goals.

Thuy is very personable, able to express herself in terms that I, as a self-defined people-person with an aversion to money-talk, could not only understand but also almost enjoy!

Susan Keats

Thuy is a great money mentor. I have recommended her to several family members and friends. Throughout my maternity leave, she has provided several solutions to financial gaps and for that I am very grateful. Reach out to Thuy today for advice, mentorship and solutions!

Akailah Wilson, CHRP

Program Manager, Performance Equity at Google

Ongoing Support

We offer ongoing support that can vary depending on your goals. This can be sporadic (hourly), occasional (purchasing an hours bundle at a discounted rate), or formal (a monthly or annual fee and predetermined meeting frequency).

The purpose of this meeting is to understand your specific needs to determine if and how we can help. We then provide a quote for our services to be detailed in a written engagement letter that acts as our contract to you. Please note we cannot provide advice to you during this introductory meeting.

We work with many self-directed DIY investors. That said, we cannot provide investment recommendations for the purchase or sale of specific securities, nor can other fee-only/advice-only financial planners in Canada who are not licensed to manage your investments.

Please note our minimum consultation fee is $1,500 plus applicable sales tax. If you provide some information below and request it from us, we can provide a rough estimate on pricing prior to an introductory meeting.

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