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Paraplanning and Outsourced Financial Planning


In the U.K and Australia, paraplanning is a popular service among financial advisers. Advisers commonly outsource the preparation of financial plans and other services to paraplanners. In Canada, there are few firms providing paraplanning services. We are one of them.

What is your hourly “rate”? Is your time best spent doing financial plans or paying someone else to do it, so you can instead be in front of your clients?

You might have an assistant who can prepare financial plans, but how comprehensive and valuable is the advice that is being generated by this work?

The landscape is becoming more and more competitive, with companies looking to provide comprehensive financial, tax and estate planning advice in-house to high net worth clients. It may be that your company does not provide these services or perhaps not all your clients qualify.

Doing some comprehensive planning for a high value client could keep a client that would otherwise look elsewhere for these services. Keeping a client is a lot easier than getting a new one.

What about prospects? Partnering with a third-party comprehensive fee-only financial planner could be the difference that helps you win a new account from the competition.

We provide one-time and ongoing financial plans of various levels of complexity as well as personal and corporate tax and estate planning advice. We are more than happy to work with you and your clients on whatever level you feel works best.

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