Below are some of the things our clients have said about us.

“I greatly enjoy working with Nancy Grouni. She gives very sound advice and I feel confident that my financial health is in good form. I spend enough time at work, so it’s very reassuring to know that Nancy keeps my financial goals on track without me having to dump lots of time into it. I still do my own investing, but Nancy is happy to ensure I’m making good decisions and I’m happy that she doesn’t sell anything. Fee based financial planners are the way to go!”

Matthew Sheppard

“We have been interested in re-assessing our investment strategy for some time but have always had concerns about obtaining an unbiased opinion from other investment advisors. However, having found Objective Financial Partners (“OFP”) through the Financial Facelift series in the Globe and Mail has truly been a game changer.

As their name implies, OFP truly provided an independent and objective review of our investment strategy, risks, returns and fees as well as developed a robust financial plan. The intake meeting and detailed questionnaire set the tone for the review and the reports, plans and follow up meetings were very detailed and thorough. Working with Brenda Hiscock was a great experience from start to finish, with an actionable go-forward plan and scheduled follow ups to ensure that implementing the changes identified in the plan are on track. This will be an ongoing relationship that will help ensure accountability and alignment with our plan going forward.

We can’t say enough great things about the experience and the peace of mind and clarity the process has brought us. If that was the only deliverable from the exercise, it would still be a worthwhile exercise, but with plans underway to change advisors and investment strategies we are very confident there will be a very good payback on our investment. While the term ‘value for money’ is often tossed around as a catch phrase, our investment and experience with Brenda and OFP was definitely value for money.”

Doug Bryson

“Retirement planning can be extremely stressful when all the typical questions come up. My financial planner is Thuy. Thuy met my deadline, was a great listener and very positive which are very important traits during the process of decision making and financial projections into the future. It is very comforting to know that Thuy is available to me for questions that arise after the initial review of the plan. Thuy was very patient with me while I reviewed the plan and never makes you feel like your question(s) are silly which is important to everyone. I also enjoyed that Objective Financial Partners do no have a conflict of interest to have you invest with them.”

Donna Pegg

“My wife and I have relied on Jason Heath of Objective Financial Partners for unbiased financial advice in retirement for nine years. It’s a comfort to be able to turn to someone who has the knowledge to help you achieve your goals. And in a genial way, he somehow manages to make money matters uncomplicated.”

Paul Wilson

“Working with Objective Financial Partners has given me the peace of mind that I’m on the right track in terms of my personal investment strategy and retirement planning. Thuy was not only professional, but empathetic and understanding, making it very easy for me to ask questions and raise concerns related to my future plans. Highly recommend.”

Christine Rbion

“We were very satisfied with Hannah McVean who gave us a complete picture of our financial situation. She excels at listening, suggesting further considerations, detailing opportunities and issues and following through in a timely manner. We now have a very thorough plan and are confident moving forward in a few scenarios.”

Ann Tyrrell

“As a DIY investor, I have found Objective Financial’s advice (Hannah McVean) extremely valuable in confirming that my financial plan was on track. Their analysis was thorough and their recommendations were backed by credible research. I’ve learned many things from them that I had never encountered in my personal finance reading. Addressing these small gaps paid for their fee several times over.

I reached out to them for their independence and because I wanted to be able to trust the advice I received. Thanks to their lack of specific product recommendations and conflicts of interest, I now have a trusted partner I can reach out to in order to navigate life events with confidence.”

Francois Marier

“The financial coaching I received over the last year has been transformational. My coach, Thuy, is a delight to work with. She is so knowledgeable, kind and works for her client’s best interests.
Whether it is personal finances, short term goals, or long term wealth building.. you get a structured plan broken down into manageable steps. Within just a couple of sessions, I saw results.
This has helped me overcome my doubts, increased my confidence, and most of all taught me how to make my money work for me.
Highly recommended- especially for women entrepreneurs!”

Israa Khan

“In 2021, we were desperately searching for a fee-only advisor who would mentor and help us to develop a customized financial road map. I had followed Jason extensively in his published work with the Financial Post, Money Sense, and Canadian Money Saver. I was so impressed with his ability to break down complex financial jargon and loved what appeared to be a warm approachable charisma! Our consultations with Jason led to a 35 page report that included an examination of everything ‘under the hood.’ A detailed analysis of our investments, retirement planning, tax considerations, insurance needs, estate planning, and even advice on how to support our adult children in their financial beginnings. The report outlined specific achievable tasks that we could apply to fine tune our financial plan. We have met with Jason annually since 2021 and always leave those consultations inspired and routinely with financial suggestions that we had not previously considered. The greatest gift that has come from our consultations has been the assurance that we are on-track….this is truly a priceless gift. So if you are a Canadian who is struggling to find your financial way and are looking for an advisor whose only job is to focus on what is best for you, then look no further! We can’t thank Jason and his team enough for being part of our financial journey!”

Jodi and Warren

“Nearing retirement, my husband and I faced some complex financial decisions. I wanted someone who would look at our entire financial picture in an unbiased manner. I feel we were very fortunate to find Nancy Grouni at Objective Financial Partners. She has been able to address our concerns and answer the questions in a professional and caring away. By providing a clear roadmap to accomplish our goals, she has created peace of mind surrounding a transition which was causing us a lot of anxiety. It is so good to know that she is there as a resource going forward and to help with the implementation of our plan. I cannot recommend her services more highly. Thank you Nancy!”

Lee Taylor

“Nancy has been an invaluable resource in our financial and retirement planning. Her thorough knowledge of all aspects including tax planning have provided a roadmap that is comprehensive and concise resulting in our complete confidence as to our path forward. Nancy is a true professional and an absolute pleasure to work with.”

Tammy Banting

“As a young family, we were looking for financial advice that would help us make important life decisions. This included figuring out if we could afford to move or renovate, and how either approach would impact our long term plans. Andrew took the time to really understand our family and how a financial analysis could help with our decision making. The plan he gave us reflected a genuine understanding of our needs and gave us the confidence to make sound decisions. Most importantly his approach made us feel like we were in good hands. Being able to talk with someone who you trust and can relate to you is priceless when you’re talking about money. We look forward to working with Andrew and OFP again as our financial situation evolves.”

Jay and Laura

“I highly recommend Nancy as a caring, knowledgeable and professional advisor. Speaking as someone who is not financially savvy, she has been incredibly helpful and kind in navigating me out of my prior FA and aiding me to establish my own financial freedom. There’s no bias, just the truth. She is resourceful and approachable. I wish I’d had her input years ago (so does my wallet).”

Jane Perng

“My husband and I are so grateful to Jason for the financial advice/insight he provided. I was very impressed with how thorough he was when going over our financials, asking several questions in order to cover all the bases and make sure there wouldn’t be any stones left unturned when planning for our retirement. I love his conservative approach, unlike others who may want to paint a pretty picture and give false hope. He is clearly extremely knowledgeable in this field and I highly recommend his services. I found that his competence is only matched by his welcoming and warm personality. Thanks again Jason!”

Liz Kattackal

“Objective Financial Partners Inc. offers more than just financial advice. My brothers and I have been dealing with Maria on Estate Services for our late mom. Compassion and passion has been displayed from our very first meeting. Maria’s knowledge on this very sensitive subject has put my family at ease. She makes sure we understand each step of the way, providing ongoing updates and support during a very lengthy process.”

Rosa T.

“It was a pleasure to have Brenda Hiscock present a Financial Planning Lunch and Learn for our company, SCS Consulting Group Ltd.  All of those who were in attendance came away with a better understanding of financial planning for their future goals and needs.  There was a great deal of positive feedback from our staff, and everyone agreed that the presentation was well laid out and tailored to the majority demographic of our staff.

We found Brenda to be quite knowledgeable, able to explain a variety of investing options, and in terms everyone could understand.  Since she is not affiliated with an investment firm or financial institution, you can rest assured her information is unbiased and unsolicited.

Thank you again Brenda for spending a lunch hour with us teaching us a way to secure ourselves for the future financially.  Your efforts put forth into a professional and well thought out presentation, and your financial planning advice were appreciated by all.”

SCS Consulting Group Ltd.

“When my husband died I contacted Maria Tanel to help settle his estate. Working with Maria has been a pleasure, she has given me the help and guidance that I need. Maria’s support during this difficult process has been invaluable to me, she is not only knowledgeable in this matter but a very caring person. I highly recommend giving Maria a call.”

Sue Forbes

“My mom passed away last year and I was completely lost and overwhelmed with what to do with her final return and a few other financial matters. I spoke with a few people at objective and all of them were incredibly kind, knowledgeable, and efficient. I cannot express how grateful I am. My family is now looking into some of their other services.”

Jenn Miller

“My spouse and I have had sound financial advice from Jason Heath on several occasions. Our initial meeting was to determine when we could retire, what our retirement would look like and steps we could take to be tax-efficient. Jason prepared a detailed road-map for us which has been our guide ever since. Most recently, we went to Jason for a “tune-up” to make sure that we were still on track. Jason eased our minds and gave us direction on tidying up our financial portfolio. We find Jason to be kind and thoughtful and his advice pertinent to our situation.”

Ann Vowles

“After many failed or lacklustre results from years (!) of prior efforts to get a solid, objective financial planner in OUR corner, we were thrilled to find Andrew Dobson through Objective Financial Planners. What set Andrew apart, in addition to OFP’s truly objective, client-centred approach, was how he truly LISTENED to us, reflected back what he heard, and then designed scenarios that matched to our goals, including some scenarios we proposed as well. It was an iterative process, and the trust only grew over the course of our engagement. In the end it was the most educational, helpful and outcome-oriented financial and retirement planning analysis, advice and (!!) game plan we’d ever encountered. For the first time, we truly felt *confident* about our retirement goals, plans and (!) options to get there. I would recommend Andrew’s services unreservedly.”

Reg Krake

“Jason was an absolute dream to work with. He quickly understood our needs and wants and built our plan around that as opposed to trying to impose any standards or formulas onto us. He also went above and beyond in terms of answering our questions and being patient with things we needed extra time to understand. Jason is clear, concise and thoughtful. He has a fantastic grasp of the financial world and now, our place in it. We would not hesitate to recommend.”

Marla Boltman

“I want to take a moment to acknowledge the satisfaction my wife and I had in dealing with Andrew during the past several months of our engagement. His patient, nonpartisan, candid and supportive approach gave us the trust and confidence that we were dealing with a consummate professional. He always was prompt with his communication and punctual on the calls respecting our time and his as well.

There was never any pressure, overt or covert, to go along with any specific investment firm and he always enquired about our comfort without imposing his preference. I will be pleased to recommend him and OFP to my contacts should I be asked for. You guys lived up to your name as well as to what was described in one of the online articles which is what motivated me to contact you.”


“Working with Brenda at Objective Financial Partners was a fantastic experience. She delivers precisely on the promise of the company name – a very objective financial perspective wrapped up in a collaborative and outcome-driven process.

She asked thorough and rigorous questions in getting an understanding of our goals and was patient in answering our own numerous questions. She gave objective points-of-view, always referring back to data, both recent and historical. This data-driven approach, combined with direct experience and a client-centric manner got us to a great place – a sound plan we have the greatest confidence in.

Our only regret is not engaging Brenda sooner. We highly recommend her.”

Christopher Andrews

“We have enjoyed working with Nancy Grouni and very much appreciated her personal approach to financial planning. She assisted us with a comprehensive financial plan and knowledgeably explained in detail our plan and how to execute it. We would definitely recommend her for any financial planning needs.”

D. Simpson – Comprehensive Financial Plan

“The financial industry is not easy to navigate, particularly to find good, sound and neutral financial advice. We had heard of Objective Financial Partners several times, and then found Nancy Grouni! From the very first time we reached out to her, and still till this day, she has consistently been extremely knowledgeable, thorough, kind, and compassionate. She put us at ease right away, and we have found comfort in her sound and experienced advice. Thank you Nancy for setting us on a sound financial path. We are grateful for the time you spent with us, and look forward to continuing to work together.”

Raman Nijjar

“I was looking for an independent assessment as to whether I was on track for retirement, whether my spending plans would be feasible and how best to withdraw financial assets. In addition to my personal investments, I also have a corporation that had to be added into the mix. I wanted a fee only planner that was not interested in selling me any products so that I knew I was getting unbiased advice. I was introduced to Andrew Dobson who has extensive experience with structures such as mine. Andrew did a fantastic job. He took the time to really understand my personal situation, goals and timelines. We discussed different scenarios to optimize my plan and make it as tax efficient as possible. Andrew is not only very knowledgeable and professional but also a pleasure to work with. The completed financial plan has given me a solid roadmap to follow as I ease into retirement. It has made me feel much more comfortable about this significant lifestyle change. I also know that I have a great resource available to update the plan, if needed, in future years. I highly recommend the services of Andrew Dobson and Objective Financial Partners.”

Mark S.

“My wife and I contacted Nancy Grouni when we were deciding on retirement. Nancy created comprehensive plans covering each year, for each us of us individually as well as both together. These helped us not only to retire with confidence but also to feel much better equipped to handle the challenges of this rapidly changing world. Nancy takes a holistic approach which we appreciate. It is a pleasure working with her and we look forward to our meetings. We are happy to recommend Nancy to anyone interested in getting help with financial planning.”

Simon Ang

“Nancy Grouni is very professional, knowledgeable, and patient. She takes the time to explain any concept or idea, and ensures that we thoroughly understand before moving on. She is in tune with our personal goals, and offers non-prejudice, tailored financial advice that meets our specific needs. She also provides follow-up information/explanations to really help solidify her financial plans. I would highly recommend her expertise, and look forward to continuing to work with her in the future.”

Stan Jeram

“Nancy Grouni has been so helpful with our financial planning. We came in feeling apprehensive and anxious about the process of planning. Nancy was very receptive to this and detailed our plan and goals while keeping it simple to understand and feasible to achieve. Her attention to detail and approachability are a winning combination. Thank you so much!”

Antonietta and Elena

“I have enjoyed working with Nancy Grouni over the past 7 years. She has been very helpful in developing an evolving financial plan where we can explore various scenarios that help clarify my questions and provide peace of mind for the future.”


“We had a great experience working with Andrew Dobson of Objective Financial Partners Inc. We had questions about retirement, selling our home and/or adding a rental unit and taxes. Andrew was able to take our information and run a number of scenarios for us. Best of all, his detailed explanation of each possibility left us able to make sound financial decisions with the confidence of knowing we were heading in the right direction. I can’t thank Andrew enough for all of his efforts. Best of all, he has followed up to see if we had any further questions he can assist with. He is now our “go to guy” for all of our financial questions in the future. Thank you Andrew!”

Lara Loze

“We can’t begin to tell you how nice it is to have Nancy Grouni ‘on our team’ looking out for us. So helpful and adds much needed peace of mind.

After working with other financial planners/advisors over the years all claiming to be professionals and presumably looking out for our best interest then only to find out about plans with limited scope, biased recommendations and referrals with questionable mandates inclusive of hidden fees, incentive kickbacks & referral/finder fees that ultimately affected our overall returns, it’s simply so nice and refreshing to know that we now have you on board and that you’re “truly” and comprehensively looking out for our best interests.

For that we ‘Thank You’ !!”

Ongoing Planning Services – G.G & H.G

“Nancy was of incredible assistance to me in creating an action plan for my finances both in a short-term and long-term context.

I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking in-depth, nuanced insights into their financial circumstances provided with intelligence, clarity, professionalism, and a positive attitude.”

Paul Vaughan

“Thank you very much Nancy for taking the time to help us with our financial planning, we really appreciate the tremendous effort and heart to help us achieve our seemingly insurmountable but now achievable goals. We will spread the word out!”

M.S. & J.F. – Corporate MPC Financial Planning

“Having had some disappointing experiences with one of the major banks I was searching for a fee-for-service financial planner for my parents. After having a consultation with Objective Financial Partners we were contacted by one of their financial planners, Andrew Dobson, who proceeded to work with us. Andrew was incredibly professional and a pleasure to work with. We chose to have a comprehensive financial plan prepared in order to gauge my parents preparedness for retirement. Andrew was thorough, patient, and detail oriented. He took the time to answer my parents questions and to ensure they understood all the elements of the financial plan. The plan itself greatly aided my parents in understanding their current financial situation and how their finances would evolve as they settled into retirement. It provided the understanding and reassurance I was hoping to find for them. We are all very pleased with the service that Andrew provided and could not recommend his services more. Thank you Andrew!”

Stefan Ferraro – Comprehensive Financial Plan

“Working with Brenda Hiscock to do a financial plan for me and my partner was one of the most worthwhile expenditures we have ever made. We thought we were in a good position but with Brenda’s thorough process and depth of knowledge, we now have a detailed plan and the confidence we needed to pull the trigger on some long awaited goals – like buying a vacation property and early retirement! Brenda was excellent in explaining the pros and cons of various scenarios and providing guidance on a variety of options. I felt like I had a trusted and knowledgeable financial guru in my corner and the outcomes of this financial planning process have literally changed my life. I highly recommend this process for anyone who would like to move from a “gut feeling” of where they sit financially, to a solid plan with which to make confident life changing decisions and I highly recommend Brenda as a skilled professional with a caring personality who derives joy from helping people use this knowledge to fulfill their dreams. I wish I had done this years ago. Thank you again Brenda!”

Bianca Wong

“I worked with Brenda Hiscock to create a financial plan focusing on debt repayment, home purchase and retirement planning. The plan that Brenda created was clear and attainable. I generally find financial planning to be overwhelming, but Brenda patiently and clearly explained every step in the plan. She is timely and responsive by email, and generally lovely to work with. I would highly recommend her services.”

Anastasia-Maria Hountalas

“We worked with Nancy Grouni on an initial “decumulation” plan in 2019 and recently updated that plan with her in 2021. As I will be retiring in 2022 we wanted to get advice about how best to withdraw our financial assets and plan to liquidate our real estate assets in a tax efficient way to fund our spending needs in retirement, without being pressured to buy investment products. Nancy is a fee for service financial advisor and so, while she was able to recommend services provided by others when we asked, she was only selling us her expertise. Nancy is a careful and thoughtful professional. She is a good listener and provided advice that was responsive to our needs. We derive great comfort from seeing how our decumulation strategy is forecast to play out over the years given different scenarios and feel well-advised on matters such as when we should begin receiving CPP, when to convert RRSPs to RRIFs, and when and how to take money from an investment holding company. The peace of mind that we get from having updated reviews of our financial plan is well worth the effort and cost. I feel that we get excellent value and service from Nancy.”

Michael Feldman – Comprehensive Corporate Financial and Investment Planning services

“Our experience with Brenda at Objective Financial Partners has been top-notch. Friendly, easy to understand, and sensible advice. Highly recommend.”

Scott Gibson

“I reached out to you looking for someone who could review a financial model that I put together in Excel in an attempt to model our future cash flows in retirement.  It is critical for me to have an accurate portrayal as we are planning to retire at the earliest opportunity which will be in four years time.  The last thing I want is to discover after the fact that we left too early and overestimated the lifestyle we can afford.

I did not want someone to compare my model to a canned, black-box model.  Instead I wanted someone who could look at my model from first principles, determine if it is accurate and recommend improvements, so that I can make those improvements and then have the confidence to use my model as our decision-making tool going forward.

That is exactly what Andrew Dobson did.  He showed me where and how I need to tune-up my modeling of tax impacts, how I need to consider the RIF aspect of our RRSP and gave advise on how to think about withdrawals in the context of tax efficiency and potential future clawbacks.  It was very enlightening and precisely what I needed.  Andrew presented all of this in a very open and comfortable manner. It was a pleasure to work collaboratively with him.

I will definitely keep Andrew’s contact information, as I believe that in four years time it will be worthwhile to revisit a holistic plan for withdrawals. I would be pleased to recommend your services to my colleagues.”

Mike Sisk

“Very detailed & thorough. Went above and beyond to make sure I was happy with and understood the projections. Thanks so very much Nancy for your patience and understanding in walking me through the numbers.”

Anita Saldanha

“My family and I have worked with Objective Financial Partners for about 15 years and we continue to be impressed by the level of insight, professionalism, and value that we receive. As our financial needs and questions have evolved over the years, so has the advice provided by Jason Heath, Andrew Dobson and the rest of the team. They continue to provide tailored advice to our situation, context and key financial questions. We have referred extended family and friends who have a variety of financial needs – and in each case the result has been a positive one. As someone that likes to dig into the details on these things – I have always been impressed by the depth and analysis underpinning the advice I have received – there is nothing generic about the advice or answers I have gotten. Of course their objectivity and independence are highly valuable to me and I am confident that I can trust the advice I have received over the past 15 years. Above all, they are a pleasure to work with – responsive, professional and insightful. Would recommend Andrew, Jason and Objective Financial Partners without hesitation.”


“Our experience with Objective Financial Partners has been really excellent. In particular, we needed a strategy for how to approach our finances, not a bunch of products to buy, so we are grateful for their ‘advice only’ approach, and tailored solution for each client.

Nancy is knowledgeable, clear and personable, and was able to help us figure out how we can be best positioned to make wise decisions and to have a solid, usable plan for retirement. She was encouraging, and helped us to feel more confident and capable in our financial decision-making.”

Blake Martin – Comprehensive Financial Planning

“Objective Financial Partners has been infinitely helpful in assisting my young family with short and long term financial goals as expats living abroad. Brenda in particular has worked tirelessly to help us set up our financial goals and has been incredibly helpful, offering advice on a wide range of subjects! All of the staff are warm, friendly, and work tirelessly to make sure we are getting the assistance we need. Honestly can’t say enough good things about this company!”

Lesley Atkinson

“Andrew and his team knew their stuff. Andrew got to the point and was succinct with his advice regarding capital gains, RRSP contribution room and how to manage both with respect to the sale of rental property. He helped reinforce the good practices I have implemented and suggested some tweaks where required. Just what I needed.”

Elliot Digby

“Working with Nancy Grouni and Objective Financial on our retirement plans has been a great pleasure. She has been remarkably supportive, bending over backwards to explain things clearly and to connect us with needed resources. In sum, our experience with her has provided us with a tremendous sense of confidence and security. Her timely professionalism and (always kind!) help has been tremendously valuable. Our only regret is that we did not solicit her services years ago! Highly recommended!”

Edward Comor – Cross Border Financial Planning Services

“Brenda provided us with a detailed and comprehensive retirement plan that simplified a complicated set of circumstances and enabled us to make a life changing decision with confidence.”

S.C. – Comprehensive Retirement Plan

“Working with Nancy was such a pleasure! She is extremely knowledgeable and explains matters in a very patient and easy to understand way. I’m in my thirties and was looking for guidance for my investments and a financial plan for retirement. Nancy gave me so much information regarding the variables you have to think about when setting financial goals.  The reports we went over further empowered me – knowing what my money is doing and how best to make it work for me. Working with her is a truly invaluable experience!”

 B.A. – Financial Plan

“I had the pleasure of working with Jason, and even more so with Nancy, as they prepared a financial plan and investment analysis and review for me. Both were incredibly approachable and thorough, going above and beyond to answer my questions and prepare a plan that allowed me to get the clarity and information I needed to make the financial decisions I was seeking to make. I highly recommend them as wonderful people to work with for anyone who is looking for quality financial planning and investment review & feedback.”

 Nathalie Crosbie – Comprehensive Financial Planning

“Nancy, how lovely it is to work with you – I am so grateful for all of the extra work you’ve done on our behalf.  All the different scenarios you’ve put together to optimize our lives going forward.  Part of the gift of your advice and findings is the reassurance and guidance needed for the last phase of our lives (sounds dire lol).  Losing the structure of being in control of the monies and being on limited income was more than a little terrifying.  In spite of being in great financial shape.  I’ve already recommended you to a number of people.  I knew I’d made the right choice the moment we met you, Nancy.  Thank you for your knowledge, your diplomacy and your kindness.  Mostly, thank you for the peace of mind.  That, is priceless.”

P.M. and M.R. – Comprehensive Financial Planning

“Working out my retirement plan with Nancy was a pleasure. Her knowledge and expertise were evident right from the start. She took time to truly understand my particular needs and desires in retirement. No cookie-cutter approach here. It is refreshing to find a planner who is focused on my best financial outcome, and not theirs. This is because Nancy is paid by fee, and not paid through product sales or commissions.

Nancy promptly presented me with a plan that I could easily follow and fit my goals. She was quickly available for follow-up conversations, or to clarify points that I forgot. I am extremely pleased with her work on my behalf.”

 Steve D. – Comprehensive Financial Planning and Tax Planning Services

“I am very pleased I chose Nancy to help me plan my financial strategy for retirement. Nancy’s personable manner, and experience, put me at ease right away. She is adept at explaining the process, and helping to clarify my goals and needs. Her explanations are presented with great care. They are clear and complete. I never felt rushed or uninformed. I can confidently say that the experience could not have been better.”

Bev D. – Comprehensive Financial Planning and Tax Planning Services

“My husband and I have been working with Brenda from OFP for the past year. Brenda is knowledgeable, professional and has been quick to respond to all of our inquiries. She created and reviewed with us, an in-depth financial plan which will guide us through our retirement. We are very pleased with our decision to seek guidance from OFP and will continue to work with Brenda and their team, in some capacity over the coming years.”

 Kelly G.

“I have retained Nancy Grouni to provide me with advice in the form of a comprehensive financial plan and I am very happy with that decision. I was specifically looking for an experienced fee for service, advice only planner, one who did not sell any products or manage investments.  My professional background made this as an important condition as I did not want to be concerned about the inherent conflict of interest that this can represent.

 I can certainly ascribe to Nancy all of the important qualities one is looking for in a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) such as professionalism and expertise. However, Nancy is also thorough, personable, easy to understand and prepared to tell the hard truths inherent in making certain recommendations to her clients.

 Nancy understood me in short order, which helped prepare the ground for some of the recommendations she ended up making to me. One of my issues concerned an asset I did not want to sell. I informed Nancy at the beginning of the process that I wanted to keep the building in question so that my son would end up with it, either during my lifetime or upon my death. Nevertheless, Nancy made a very strong, clear recommendation that I consider selling the building which she supported with several reasons.

 Due to my respect for Nancy and her abilities, only some of which are set out above, I agreed with all of her recommendations, including considering the sale of the asset I wanted to keep.

 Thanks to Nancy, I have a financial plan I believe in, an advisor I can return to for periodic advice, not to mention to update my plan as circumstances in my life change.

 For the reasons set out above, I highly recommend Nancy Grouni.”

 J.J. – Comprehensive Corporate Planning

“Over the years my wife and I have had different people helping us with our investments. We are both health professionals and are busy running a private practice and a family. Unfortunately we really didn’t pay attention to how the “advice” was provided to us, so we blindly took it. It wasn’t until we met with Nancy that we received a thorough financial plan which is now our road map towards financial independence. Nancy showed us what we needed to do and what type of securities would be required to reach our goal. The key point is that, unlike previous “financial advisors” (who really only are only investment advisors), Nancy didn’t sell us anything. What we finally understood is that a fee-for-service advisor is what is required in order to obtain unbiased advice. Nancy has been excellent and we both highly recommend her.”

 P.M. – Comprehensive Financial Planning

 “My husband and I were looking for a fee-for-service financial planner. We wanted to maximize our investments, monitor our tax liability and ensure our retirement fund was adequate. Thanks to Nancy Grouni we now have a clear picture of our finances, feel secure in our decisions moving forward and sleep much better! Nancy is detailed, clear, patient and a very knowledgeable financial planner. We highly recommend Nancy and look forward to working with her for many years to come.”

Suzanne and Ed Marks – Comprehensive Financial Planning

“Nancy Grouni at Objective Financial Partners helped my husband and I transition from a wealth management company to self-management of our wealth. She made us feel confident in self-directed investing while making sure she advised on all tax implications and future planning.

What we paid for a comprehensive look at our two corporations, holding company, wills, retirement plan and investment plan was pennies on the dollar compared to what we were paying in hidden investment fees.

We anticipate needing to update the plan every few years and we feel strongly that the peace of mind and genuine financial betterment is worth every penny!”

 Briar Sexton – Comprehensive Corporate Planning

“I started working with Jason Heath of Objective in May 2017.  I was about to retire and wanted to get a second opinion about my finances and estate planning approach.  Jason prepared a Retirement Plan for my family that took into account all our lifestyle wants and needs.  Since then we have continued with Jason for updates to the plan as well as on-going financial decision-making (collapsing RESP’s, buying new cars, corporate tax planning).

Jason is very knowledgeable and a good communicator so he is easy to work with – he understands the inter-relationships between your finances and your lifestyle.”

David Lauzon

“I read an article about fee only planners written by Jason Heath, and felt that this was exactly what I needed. I felt overwhelmed trying to figure out how to plan our retirement. I called Objective Financial and was contacted by Nancy Grouni. Nancy is wonderful, so easy to talk to, always patient, and easy to understand. I now have a detailed plan, one that makes sense to me, and the peace of mind that comes with that. I would highly recommend Nancy, and look forward to working with her in the future.”

 Donna Meredith – Retirement Planning and Investment Planning Services

“Nancy’s thorough analysis of our financial portfolio has been so helpful in transitioning to retirement.  We had many questions about drawing down our funds in a tax efficient manner and confirming that we are on track to meet future needs and Nancy came through for us! Her advice on asset allocation has been particularly valuable to us.

We appreciate her friendly, professional approach and her readiness to address concerns as they arise in the planning process.

We highly recommend Nancy and look forward to a continuing relationship with her.”

RK and SH

 “We highly recommend Objective Financial Partners. Nancy Grouni is extremely knowledgeable, thorough and clear, with a calm easy manner that puts you right at ease. Her roadmap is detailed but not overwhelming. She gives unbiased advice and it’s clear the client’s interests always come first.”

Jacqueline Thorpe – Financial Planning and Investment Planning Services

“We decided we needed the services of a fee-only financial planner in February 2020.  I was familiar with Objective Financial Partners from reading many of their informative articles published in MoneySense and elsewhere, but was initially unsure whether working with a CFP in another province was doable.  If anyone else is wondering the same thing, I can attest that the whole process worked really well and we are very pleased to have Brenda Hiscock as our Financial Planner, and highly recommend her.  Brenda is very knowledgeable, approachable, helpful, flexible and trustworthy.

Brenda  worked proficiently to provide us with the Comprehensive Financial Plan.  She encourages questions and answers them promptly.  As early retirees and in these times of COVID-19, it is such a huge relief to have a tax-efficient Plan that among many other things, details our projected income until age 95, including when and how much to withdraw each year from our RRSPs, TFSAs, company pensions, taxable accounts, and at what age to optimally start collecting CPP and OAS.

Our Investment Plan, which is a component of the Comprehensive Financial Plan, provides us with the roadmap on how we can build a tax efficient investment portfolio specific to our financial situation.  Based on the option we chose, we now have a much simplified investment portfolio that we can easily manage ourselves.   To get to this point, we changed our choice of which investment strategy option to choose part way through the process.   Brenda cheerfully supported us every step of the way. It is very clear that she is dedicated to provide her clients with the very best financial planning services possible and has her client’s best interests at heart.  Thank you, Brenda and Objective Financial Partners for the excellent services you provide to your clients.”

 BG & RB

“Jason Heath is an excellent and smart financial planner who provides timely, objective and strategic advice.  He is brilliant at coming up with effective solutions related to investments, taxes, insurance needs and retirement planning.  Jason is honest and looks out for his client’s best interest.  I would highly recommend him.”

Salmin Jadavji

“We did an extensive search to find a top notch “fee-only / advice-only” Financial Planner and identified Nancy Grouni at Objective Financial Partners Inc. (“OFP”) as our preferred choice. We have since had the absolute pleasure of working with Nancy for over 3 years now and are delighted with our experience. Nancy took a comprehensive approach, listened closely to our goals and aspirations to customize an extremely thorough, personalized, but easy to understand financial plan ideal for us. Nancy enables us to complete sensitively analysis to our key assumptions so that we are well prepared as and when life throws us a curve ball (including being highly proactive in unforeseen “black swan” events like a pandemic). She is a super smart, thoughtful, highly responsive and a highly knowledgeable financial planner. She takes a proactive approach to check in with us regularly and reassess our plan whenever required, all under the lens of taking an honest, genuine interest in her clients’ financial affairs. We look forward to our regular check-ins with her. Nancy has well-earned our confidence as our “go-to” trusted financial advisor and, as such, we highly recommend her / OFP without hesitation.”

Daryl & Jill Johnston, Toronto

“Brenda was exceptional at helping me navigate my financial future. Brenda’s vast knowledge, blended with her ability to clarify all options & steps gave me the confidence to make major financial decisions for myself & family. Thank you for all your insight & support!”


“I’m great with finances and Jason showed me a way of looking at my situation that was obvious but I had completely missed. His insight gave me the information I needed to make the decision to retire at 52.”

Eric Martin

“Jason’s services have been invaluable over the years.  Jason has helped my wife and I with critical decisions and planning, and I also brought Jason in to help with a retirement plan for my mother.  Jason’s thoughtful and well-informed approach to financial planning is complemented by his capacity to make complex financial issues simple, and his skill at helping people develop a good point-of-view about the available alternatives.  Recommended.”

Jeff Hecker

“I have been working with Nancy Grouni for almost 5 years now. During this time, Nancy has been instrumental in helping to prepare a Financial Plan for both myself and my partner. We equally feel that Nancy’s years and depth of experience along with her professionalism while listening to our goals has greatly helped us in determining the best way forward in our financial choices. While there are some people who maybe hesitant to hire a “fee for service” CFP, in our opinion the front-end costs are minimal when one takes into consideration the possible future savings and earnings that can be realized with a professional plan done by a CFP. I highly recommend Nancy and her team to anyone that is interested in having her help build a road map to realize their financial goals.”

John Mahood

“We have the pleasure of working with Nancy Grouni of Objective Financial Partners. Nancy is highly knowledgeable, detail-oriented and really listens to us when we discuss goals and objectives. She provides financial advice in the best way possible — well-reasoned, clear and grounded in our details and circumstances. We are very glad that we decided to go with Nancy and Objective Financial Partners.”

 Jennifer Silver – Financial Planning Services

“I contacted Nancy Grouni in 2019 to help develop a plan to transition to retirement. She provided a comprehensive analysis of my finances that allowed me to retire with confidence. Nancy helped find an asset management company to invest my nest egg and she was extremely helpful in answering my questions of which there were many! She was professional, thorough and I highly recommend her.”

Linda Valley – Financial Planning and Investment Planning Services

“We are so happy with our experience at Objective Financial Partners. Nancy is wonderful – super smart, thoughtful, responsive and objective. She has helped us to take many moving parts (business sale + personal retirement goals) and create a solid retirement plan. We have been looking for many years for this kind of advice; this is a perfect fit for us!”

Melodie Zarzeczny – Corporate Planning and Investment Planning Services

“Nancy Grouni has provided exceptional advice and guidance in helping us manage our financial future as we prepared for retirement. Her professionalism and expertise, combined with the comprehensiveness of her analysis, have provided my wife and I with the kind of confidence and grounding we were looking for in planning for retirement. Moreover, Nancy’s thoughtful, engaging and personable approach to working with clients makes such a positive difference. We highly recommend Nancy.”

 Ken Andrews

“My wife and I are within 5 years of retirement.  Brenda prepared a very comprehensive plan, including asset allocation and insurance.  She was able to find tax efficiencies and provided excellent direction for re-balancing our portfolio.  It was a pleasure working with Brenda, we are very happy and impressed with her knowledge and attention to detail. Her services were worth every penny, we now have peace of mind and are confident about our future.”

David & Michelle

“Working with Brenda was a great way for us to validate our overall financial situation, income and savings goals and prepare for our retirement in less than ten years.  Throughout the process Brenda was amazing to work with.  She helped us get clear on what changes we need to make, how to simplify our unnecessarily complex range of savings vehicles and investment providers and how we should be investing to realize our goals.  We are not sophisticated investors and our goal was to understand how we are doing, if we are on track and if our goals are reasonable without creating a new hobby of managing our finances – Brenda was great at clarifying where we are, what we need to do and helping us get on a path this is appropriate for us.  She is very professional, knowledgeable and helpful throughout (and after) the process.  We would recommend her to anyone doing financial planning or considering their retirement goals.”

RE and JV, Toronto CA

“I first contacted Objective Financial Partners and Nancy Grouni in July 2019. I knew I wanted to retire by January 2020, but I didn’t know if it would be possible, and my partner (already retired)
and I were overwhelmed with how to arrange our finances. Nancy to the rescue! Nancy worked out an amazingly thorough retirement plan for us. She took a comprehensive view, while drilling down to look at all angles, but she never lost sight of the personal issues and the people involved. In the process, she answered all our questions with kindness and with easy-to-understand explanations. As we proceeded, she also worked out an investment plan for us to complement her financial plan, providing us with a completely integrated package.

We cannot thank Nancy enough for everything she has done to make it possible for us to feel secure in our retirement. She is an outstanding professional with a great heart, and we fully intend on continuing to work with Nancy and Objective Financial Partners for years to come.”

H.B. – Retirement Planning and Investment Planning Services

“We have worked with Nancy Grouni for 3 years now. I cannot imagine a more knowledgeable, competent leader in the financial world. Nancy offers a mix of guidance, direction and sound advice in a caring and compassionate way…. I would recommend her to any of my family or friends. (and I have with rave reviews. Thanks Nancy.”

L.S. – Retirement Planning and Investment Planning Services

“Approaching retirement and looking for more thorough financial planning than we were receiving from one of the big banks, we spent the winter of 2016/2017 researching fee based Certified Financial Planners in the GTA. Our search led us to Jason Heath and Objective Financial Planning.

Jason introduced us to OFP Associate Nancy Grouni, CFP, and we met to discuss our current financial situation and the retirement goals we wanted to achieve. After a few months of exchanging ideas and information, Nancy prepared a detailed 30 year retirement plan which minimized taxes, avoided claw backs, detailed when to take CPP/OAS and more importantly, gave us a sense of financial security in our retirement years.

Nancy also recommended we reduce our bank management fees by investing our funds in other asset management companies that charge 50% or even less than the typical banks. ( Of which there are plenty ).

We found Nancy very professional and easy to work with. My wife and I are very pleased to continue our relationships with OFP and Nancy Grouni.”

N.A. – Retirement Planning and Investment Planning Services

“Nancy, the thoroughness of your financial plans and efforts to integrate them into the investment process has really demonstrated that you have the client’s best interests at heart. Your holistic approach to planning is critical in laying the foundation to a customized investment plan and our coordination with regard to tax planning assists in the structuring of my client’s portfolios. Your personable approach, professionalism, and expertise has well served clients in better understanding and achieving their financial goals.”

 D.B. – Investment Advisor

“Thank you for sending us our reports, and, more significantly, thank you so much for all your help!  Your analysis is outstanding! You have truly taken a comprehensive view, while drilling down to look at all angles but never losing sight of the personal issues and the people involved! We can’t thank you enough!

I am now ready to make some life changing decisions.  This would not have been possible without all your work, Nancy!  You have really made it possible for Carolyn and I to transform our lives! Thank you again! Best wishes! (and looking forward to our next meeting).”

Heather Bryans and Carolyn Cote – Retirement Planning and Investment Planning Services

“Choosing to work with Brenda Hiscock has given us great peace of mind. When we meet with her, it feels as if we are her only client, and it is as though she is as concerned about our financial well-being as we are.  Our situation is somewhat unique in that we have lived and worked abroad for a number of years, and will not be able to rely as much on CPP or other pension support when retired. Brenda has helped us properly align our investments, set financial goals, and learn about various ways available to us, that will ensure we are able to retire when we want to. Brenda is highly competent and knows a great deal, not just about investments, but also about personal and health insurance. She also has a number of contacts in the financial world, which in turn affords us as clients numerous pathways that we can follow, when choosing what is best for our financial future. We could not recommend her more highly.”

 Beth S.

“Nancy’s thoughtfulness and care for her clients is unparalleled.   Her approach to financial planning is thorough with complete consideration of client’s varying lifestyles and financial circumstances.  Clients come away satisfied, informed, and ready to retire with peace of mind. Nancy’s planning work is the blueprint upon which my client’s portfolio is based, and ongoing coordination helps ensure that my clients achieve their client goals.”

V.G. – Investment Advisor

“Nancy has continued to impress with how she can take complex financial plans and makes them executable for clients. In many cases, the plan is made after a client’s economic event, be it the sale of a business or a large inheritance, and they want to make sure that they receive a full and comprehensive plan from an independent financial advisor and this is what they get in working with Nancy at Objective Financial.  Nancy’s honest and genuine care for clients makes the planning process seamless, and clients feel like they are working with a trusted friend who has their best interests at heart.”

C.R. Portfolio Manager

“Our experience with Nancy and OFP Inc. has been invaluable. We received a comprehensive saving and withdrawal plan leading up to our approaching retirement and beyond, as well as estate planning and insurance advice. A detailed asset reallocation and go-forward strategy was also provided, including important information about more efficient fees and portfolio management services. All information was shared with great clarity and professionalism. We now have a solid road map to guide our financial future – a future we are now confident and excited about. We could not recommend Nancy and the OFP Inc. team more highly.”

Deb and Greg – Comprehensive Financial Plan Analysis

“Our family has a range of ordinary to complex issues regarding repatriating to Canada as well as tax, retirement, and estate questions. Nancy Grouni presented us with a full and detailed plan and she continues to answer questions along the way and assist us with implementation. It has been a relief to finally have concrete answers, numbers, and a map for the well-being of our family’s future. I highly recommend OFP and Nancy for their non-biased, relatable approach and high degree of professionalism. My only regret is that I did not contact Objective Financial Partners sooner.”

K.W. Corporate Financial Plan

“Nancy was a great help to us in focusing our investments in a tax efficient way as we transitioned from working to retirement life. She was thorough and well prepared for our meetings and gave us some excellent suggestions for drawing down our investments. We are very glad that we found a financial planner who we feel comfortable with and have confidence in.  The financial assessment and planning exercise and suggestions that came out them reassured us that we are on the right track and helped us to determine next steps. We would highly recommend Nancy!”

 Robert and Sarah, married couple, newly retired

“Dear Fellow-Investors-To-Be, my wife and I have been dutiful savers throughout our lives and careers.  Now, we are at the point of retirement, and so we are arriving at a key moment in terms of financial planning for our Golden Years.  Until now, we have taken the usual handiest and high profile route in investing our hard-earned savings.  Like many, we are sure, this has simply been with one of the household name big banks.  With this approach, we would say that we have done “OK”.  Our mix has been in bank-fare mutual funds balanced between bonds and equities, and within RRSPs and TFSAs to which we have striven to maximize contributions. We came to the conclusion that we did not have to settle for mediocrity when it came to our future lifestyle and security.  We heard about Objective Financial Partners Inc. as a team who offer professional, “no-agenda” advice.  Following an initial free consultation, we engaged Nancy Grouni as our financial planner and agreed upon a fee that would cover an in-depth analysis of our financial status, and the preparation of a corresponding investment plan that would be tailored specifically for our retirement needs. We can say that we are very pleased with the service provided by Nancy Grouni at Objective Financial!  An impressively comprehensive report was developed for us, which was complemented by conferencing and email follow-ups.  We were patiently guided through the material.  Our questions were addressed with understanding and thoroughness. She was able to refer us to a selection of good matches for our investing, legal and accounting needs going forward.  For the first time we feel positive and confident in having the best financial and lifestyle scenario in our future.  Our experience was one of working with a top and caring professional and we would highly recommend engaging Objective Financial Partners!”

 Lucien and Susan L.

“It is a pleasure working with Nancy due to her passion, knowledge, experience,  professionalism and attention to detail. Clients are grateful for the detailed financial roadmap and comprehensive year-by-year forecast of income level, income source, tax payable, basic expenses, extraordinary expenses, investment growth, debt repayment, and pensions. The optimization of retirement cashflow to efficiently decumulate assets is very well received as are discussions of how and when to start pensions, which accounts to draw from, whether to incorporate, use of holding companies or trusts, or any other tax-driven questions. Complex uncertainties are demystified, providing informed decisions with peace of mind.”

Paul D.  –  Wealth Management Firm, White Label Planning

“Thank you for all that you have shown us. We really did not know our true potential “Net Worth”. After having our son diagnosed with Autism, we knew our job was to  save for our son’s future. As we saved and spent less on ourselves, we didn’t really enjoy some pleasures along the way. We were  directed to Objective Financial and meet Brenda. She showed us strategies and a plan, that would  help our son throughout his life, and we could now rest,  and start to enjoy our life!  Knowing everything is in place gives us such inner peace words cannot express. Brenda, you and your team have been the best decision were made in 2018!  Thank you.”

Sharon, Bob & Carson

“Without hesitation we would recommend working with Brenda Hiscock and Objective Financial Partners. Over the past year we have been working with Brenda to design our financial and retirement plan and have found her to be extremely competent in every aspect of her work. With an eye to leaving the traditional workforce early, Brenda’s analysis has given us the ability to take this next step with confidence. Her tools and guidance helped us better understand our current and projected living expenses, as well as what our tax optimized cash flow could be in the years to come. We now feel organized with respect to our financial house and at ease with major decisions we will be making in the near future. We believe this has been one of the best investments we have made, both in terms of the time spent on this exercise and in the value of the services provided.”

Vancouver, BC

“As my husband and I were straddling retirement we deemed it necessary to connect with a financial planner to ensure we were on the right track with our retirement financial portfolio. Nancy was thorough, knowledgeable and most personable. In addition to our in-person meeting, we found the financial plan and summary report prepared for us to be just what we needed. We came away with action steps that we’ve been able to follow and feel much better knowing there was sage advice to help steer through the complexities of financial retirement decisions. During the follow-up year I found Nancy to be responsive and just as thorough in replying to my questions. We would highly recommend Nancy at Objective Financial Partners Inc. “

 G.P.G. Retirement Planning and Investment Planning Services

“Nancy, I want to thank you for the excellent advice and planning you have done for me.  It has been a great positive experience – I have peace of mind regarding my retirement that I didn’t have before we met and learned a lot.  You really know your stuff and… most importantly you are a wonderful person.  Life really is great – it puts just the right people on your path… just when you need it! … again, a heartfelt thank you!  You’re the Best!”

Wendi P. – Comprehensive Financial Plan

“My husband and I contacted Objective Financial Partners after researching the advantages of a fee-for-service financial planner. We had just entered retirement and needed to know where we stood financially. Although we did this with some trepidation, it turned out to be a very positive experience. Nancy impressed us with her professional acumen and thoroughness. She was extremely patient in answering our questions, clarifying any issues that we had. She made recommendations regarding investment strategies, modifying them as our financial situation became clearer. She referred us to a few long-term advisors. After speaking with them, we chose one with whom we have been very happy. Nancy is a very nice person. She is extremely easy to talk to and always promptly responded to our calls. Her expertise is undeniable. What we feared would be a ‘technical’ and complicated process turned out to be a very practical and affirming experience. We can’t thank Nancy enough. We were left with a sound plan and peace of mind – both are invaluable.”

C. & G.B.

“I am so glad that I engaged Nancy to do a comprehensive financial plan. As a small business owner with no pension, it is very important to me to receive objective, unbiased financial advice. Nancy took a comprehensive approach, looking at everything from wills to insurance, tax planning to investments. She provided me with expert referrals where appropriate. Through working with her, I have gained much additional knowledge and confidence in my financial future. I have received excellent value by engaging her services and would not hesitate to do so again. Highly recommended!”

 P.B. – Comprehensive Professional Corporate Financial Planning Services

“Last year, my husband and I decided to retain the services of Brenda for our investment and retirement planning needs. Having not used the services of a financial adviser before, we weren’t really sure if it was worth the fees associated with those services. However, after having worked with Brenda over the past 6 months, I can confidently say that it was definitely worth it. We have been extremely happy with Brenda’s advice, knowledge and support. Not only has she helped us to figure out the best way for us to invest our money and plan appropriately for retirement, it has also given us peace of mind.  The whole process has helped us feel confident in our decisions and in our financial future. I highly recommend Brenda and we will definitely be using her services again in the future when we need to revisit our financial plan.”


“Nancy took the time to explain the many options we had in front of us as we were expecting our second child.  Her advice was unbiased and thorough and gave us confidence in the path we’d been following (with a few tweaks).  Whenever I’ve contacted Nancy with follow up questions, she’s gone above and beyond in researching the answer and consulting with specialists as required.  We look forward to returning to meet with Nancy to update our plan to make sure we stay on track. Our family and friends have heard us speak highly of her and we’ve recommended Nancy’s financial planning services to all of them.”

Stephanie Overholt

“When I made the decision to find a fee for service (fiduciary) financial planner I searched online.  To my surprise there were only a handful.  I called 3 offices and spoke with 2 of the planners. When I spoke with Nancy I felt very confident that she would be able to work with my partner and me.  After meeting with Nancy for the first time, Lindsay, my significant other, said, “I really like her and she knows her stuff.”  This was a great compliment.  Nancy put together a full financial plan for us and met with us several times to go over the details.  In one of the meetings she picked up on a comment I made which caused her to question some of the tax planning we had been doing.  She took it upon herself to contact a cross-border accountant (I am American) and discovered our previous accountant had cost us about $2,000 in over-payment of taxes.  We have already switched to the accountant she contacted. Nancy also introduced us to someone who could manage our assets.  She has helped me review my options for my assets in the US and we have put all of investments in place.  She gave us future tax planning advice regarding our real estate holdings and we have implemented her suggestions. Nancy has been a great resource for us and has always gone above and beyond what we expected.  We will recommend Nancy Grouni to everyone who is looking for an unbiased opinion for their financial well-being. Thank you, Nancy!”

 Wendy Starr and Lindsay Smith

“As retirement moved closer we wanted to confirm that our existing investment framework was appropriate and well-rounded. We chose Objective Financial Partners after reviewing proposals from several independent fee-only advisors. We were introduced to Brenda who was professional and personable. It was immediately clear to us she was passionate about helping her clients build a functional and realistic retirement plan. Over our meetings she helped us understand the strengths and weaknesses of our current plan and retirement thinking by reviewing our family and personal goals. Brenda proposed some new objectives to help meet those goals, demonstrated how those changes would impact our holdings and left us with a comprehensive document to use as a road map for future reference. We now have greater certainty and peace of mind about our retirement in a few years. We have, and will continue to recommend Brenda to others. We will also return to Brenda in the future as we need to ‘tweak’ our plan.”

Clare & Mike

“I came to Objective Financial Partners after realizing that the retirement planning advice I had received through my job’s employee assistance program was rather inadequate.  And I consider myself very fortunate that Brenda had time to take me on as a client and look after my retirement planning needs.  The analysis she provided was extremely thorough and comprehensive and it has really given me a roadmap to a secure retirement based on very practical advice.  Again, I am thankful I got to rely on her expert advice.”

Marco Blefari

“I’m so happy I signed on to have Brenda work with me on my financial planning. I was looking for objective financial planning advice, because I was skeptical of the advice I received from financial institutions, since they always tended to promote their own products. Brenda however helped me consolidate my various scattered investments and form a cohesive plan that I can execute regardless of the financial institution I choose. She helped me understand what I need to do to get and remain on track for the financial goals I have, and she helped me understand how to choose the right products and strategy for me. Brenda is warm, speaks plainly and directly, and gave me a level of confidence around how I invest and what’s right for me, that I have never had before. It was a pleasure working with her, and I would highly recommend her services. “

Maria Guevara

“Both my wife and I reached out to Nancy a few months ago to get investment advice concerning our future retirement goals. Nancy was extremely professional, informative and yet very personable.  At no time were our on-going questions too many.  She took her time with us and answered everything clearly.  She was thorough and listened to our needs. We had many concerns regarding our finances and she put us at ease with all our options.  She made everything so much easier and never rushed us into anything.  Nancy developed a financial plan so we can move forward with our retirement.  Both of us would highly recommend Nancy to family and friends.  Nancy, thank you so much for your advice and guidance.”

Justin and Mary – Financial Planning and Investment Planning Services

“As a DIY investor, I think it’s very valuable to have an in depth financial plan drawn up, particularly as retirement approaches to deal with the usually more complex de accumulation phase. Nancy did a terrific job and equipped me with excellent financial planning and tax planning strategies. She was very pleasant and helpful to work with, and promptly answered the many, sometimes, complex questions I came up with for her. I hadn’t planned to ask her to review my portfolio, but decided to do so, and was very glad I did… I can highly recommend Nancy. She provides a valuable service and I plan to check in with her again from time to time. I also plan to encourage DIY friends of mine to set up an appointment with Nancy as I know it would be a big help to them, too.”

 G.M. – Corporate Planning and DIY Investment Services

“The financial plan prepared by Brenda Hiscock was thoughtful, thorough, and crucial for our understanding of our savings and retirement goals. Throughout the process she was quick to answer questions and guided us through the fine details. After discussing the financial plan with us we felt much more comfortable with our financial future, and Brenda provided us with options and advice that went beyond the basics of saving and spending. This was an investment well spent, and we look forward to continuing to work with Brenda as we head towards retirement.”

Joshua Wood and Anna Pfeiffer

“Our Skype meeting with you was so enjoyable and educational. Thank you very much for all the time and work that went into preparing such a comprehensive summary and retirement plan for us. We are looking forward to reviewing it in depth. It has been such a pleasure working with you and we look forward to continuing our relationship with you in the future. We have greatly appreciated your expertise, guidance, and perspective. You’ve given us a lot of important things to consider and talk about with regards to our present and future lives.”

Crystal and David

“Over a number of years Brenda assisted a large number of our clients with building their Financial Plans.  These ranged from simple to complex, and personal to corporate.  Brenda had a great ability to not only capture the quantitative numbers, but also to work with the individuals and couples to help them determine their most important goals and objectives in the years and decades ahead.”

Andrew Guilfoyle, CA, CPA, CFA

“After endless frustrations with our local financial advisor, we reached out to partner with Nancy Grouni from Objective Financial Partners. Nancy actively listened to our concerns and addressed our needs so that these were her top priority. She collaborated with us through the entire process to build a comprehensive and useful financial plan that focused on our current and future financial needs. Nancy demonstrated her exceptional communication skills which were valuable since we were geographically too distant to meet in person. We conducted regular teleconferenced meetings that resulted in exceptional value and accommodated our busy schedule. Thanks Nancy for helping us actualize our financial goals and helping us place these into action.”

Jennifer & Tyler Smith

“Nancy is very knowledgeable and understood our situation and challenges. She really helped us identify ways to reach our goals.”


“Nancy really understood our financial situation, risk tolerance, and goals. She assisted in the development of mutually agreed upon asset allocation. If she could have recommended funds, I would have followed through.”


“As a senior editor at MoneySense, I’m always looking for exceptional fee-only planners who can offer our readers impartial, professional and easy-to-understand advice. Jason Heath has filled this role for me for more than a decade. In fact, we at MoneySense value his advice so much that he have added him as a weekly contributor to our MoneySense web site. With his simple and trusted financial advice, he has helped make MoneySense, as well as his new blog “Ask A Planner” one of our most inspiring and well-read features.”

Julie Cazzin

“Jason Heath is a rare beacon of clarity and objectivity in an era of volatile markets, new technologies and global disruption. Jason’s true expertise lies in his ability to steer his clients through the often overwhelming world of personal financial decisions both large and small. I would recommend Jason to any person wanting a true partner in achieving personal financial success.”

N. Bianchi

“Jason has been counselling us on financial and tax planning since 2007. Jason is easy to work with, takes the time to fully understand family and personal circumstance and provides financial/tax guidance and advice that is aligned to our goals. Work gets done properly and accurately. Most importantly, he is solid at what he does – his years of experience and vast knowledge are tremendous assets. Most recently Jason has been working on our tax/financial planning though a work related move to the US. We have benefited tremendously from his counsel over the years.”

Chetan Malik

Marketing Director, Fortune 500 Company

“I can’t say enough about how much further ahead we are now and confident in moving forward as a result of working with Nancy. Based on the thoroughness and depth of the financial planning Nancy provides, I can say this service is immensely helpful. Nancy takes the time to help us understand particular areas we needed help with. We will continue to work with Nancy on an ongoing basis.”


“Nancy is very detailed orientated, great listening skills & works in the best interest of my goals.”


“It’s a real pleasure working with Jason.  He is a true professional in every way and has been instrumental in assisting me with my retirement planning, taxes and various financial planning. He is extremely knowledgeable and responds to all my queries in a timely manner.  I plan to continue using Jason’s services and have no hesitation in recommending his services.”

Rosanne Bencini

“Knowledgeable and thoroughly organized are the words that come to mind when we think about Jason Heath.  Although we have not known him for very long, he has made us feel very comfortable and confident in his ability to sort out our financial mess and provide us with a comprehensive, easy-to-understand plan for our future.  Above all, we were very impressed with Jason’s effective listening skills and his ability to demystify financial terms and explain them in layman’s terms.  We now feel empowered to execute his objective advice and recommendations.  Jason would be a great asset to any client seeking objective financial advice.  He comes with our heartfelt recommendation.”

Coleen and Larry Power (Peterborough, ON)

“Very, very thorough and knowledgeable and was very, very patient with our seemingly endless questions! I would definitely refer others to Nancy!”


“Nancy gave me a great view of what I have now, and what I could have in the future if I followed the provided plan. WAY more in depth than the generic “Your Richer Than You Think” web programs.”


“Nancy is knowledgeable; does not sell products; impartial; thorough.”


“My wife and I considered several for-fee financial advisors before choosing Jason.  We worked hard to provide him with the depth of financial detail he needed to do his analysis, and we know he worked even harder to give us his excellent feedback and recommendations.  Follow-up questions were also answered thoroughly.  He’s personable, knowledgeable, and intuitive.  Highly recommended.”

Doug & Ann

“Being an American citizen living in Toronto with a Canadian wife and children, my tax situation is very complicated!  Jason Heath has been able to help us to execute the most tax-efficient plan possible.  Additionally, together we’ve designed a smart long-term investment plan for my family and me.  It would not have been possible to create such a plan without Jason’s knowledge and partnership – for this we are grateful to Jason and his team at Objective.”

Greg & Katie O (Toronto, ON)

“Jason wrote the most comprehensive financial plan I have ever seen.  He reviewed both our spending and saving habits, but also our insurance and will as well.  This not only included our personal scenario, but that of both our companies. He then provided a written summary with plotted graphs and charts to show our financial position from now until 100, with surprise expenses such as house repairs, cars, and holidays added in, while reflecting the type of retirement we are aiming for.   He then continued by personally explaining  the plan to us.  Following this extensive exercise, he was available for the entire year  as our situation changed and I added more questions.  His responses were extremely quick and insightful.  Jason’s fee was upfront and fair, with absolutely no sales pitches.  I could not have been happier with the results.”

Dr. George McMeekin  DMD (Victoria, BC)

“Jason Heath is in a tough business. He provides objective financial planning but doesn’t earn a dime in commissions. Because he doesn’t benefit from investment purchases or client account sizes, he advises with no strings attached. Jason’s services are worth the money.”

Andrew Hallam

Author of “Millionaire Teacher” and “The Global Expatriate’s Guide to Investing”

“It was great to work with Nancy – we had significant objectives to reach and it was a relief to know that we could achieve those. Nancy’s advice on the investment side was also important – we have executed … based on the recommendations and have invested the cash according to the proposed allocations. We will definitely need a tune up in a few years and will reach out again for sure!”

Mark and Susan

“Nancy provided us with the unbiased financial advice we had been seeking for a long time. From the initial consultation to the finalized reports we were very impressed with her professionalism, knowledge and attention to our particular concerns. She completed a comprehensive review of our financial situation and provided us with a road map tailored to our retirement goals. She provided us with valuable investment, tax and insurance advice all without trying to sell us anything! We now feel much more confident in our investment and retirement strategies. From a customer service perspective, it was an absolute pleasure to deal with Nancy. Throughout the process she was very responsive to our particular queries. Without hesitation we would consult with her again in the future for a financial “check-up”.”

Sharon and Craig

“The financial plan for my recent retirement has given me much greater certainty and peace of mind.  From the first phone meeting with Nancy Grouni, I began to feel relieved. She was highly professional and respectful of my constraints, but offered invaluable input, which is now captured in a financial plan that will serve me well for years to come. I wish I had taken this step years earlier.”

Meryl Hodnett

“Jason has helped me with all my financial planning needs since 2008. He has offered excellent advice on many strategic issues I have faced over the years. A wonderful skill that Jason possesses is his ability to listen to your situation and decipher the key issues. He is extremely thoughtful in his deliberation before offering his recommendations. I have recommended Jason to my closest friends and family. I know that they will be well cared for and extremely impressed with him on both a professional and personal level.”

Roxanne Henderson

Broker City House Country Home

“I’m numbers based. The plan is numbers based. Various scenarios were discussed and I watched real-time how knowledgeable my advisor was. There was no sales talk, just real facts. When I asked for the moon, she responsibly led me back to earth with cold hard facts. I’m 100% convinced that if I follow the plan, as laid out, I’ll be fine. In fact I will be going back to Nancy closer to retirement.”


“I have worked with Jason for almost 8 years now in his capacity of Financial Adviser, and followed him when he recently left his previous employer to establish his own firm.  Over these past 8 years, I have relied exclusively on Jason’s financial advice, consultations, and analysis to make informed decisions about my family’s financial future, as well as developing our Wills, Power of Attorneys, complete income tax returns for Canada and the USA, and receiving investment recommendations.  I have found Jason to be a highly respected and competent financial adviser who is extremely approachable, personable, and always ready to assist.  Due to his lack of affiliations with investment vehicles and his fee-only membership structure with no commissions, he can be trusted to always work in the best interest of his clients rather than pushing someone else’s agenda.  I would highly recommend Jason’s services to anyone who is seeking financial peace of mind in the short and long term, especially given these times of great uncertainty and global economic turbulence.”

Maurizio Laudisa

“Jason Heath has been our financial advisor since the autumn of 2007.  After he left his previous employer to start his own company, we followed him.  Jason has been a wonderful advisor for making financial decisions, certainly the best of a series of people we have dealt with.   He is an attentive listener who gives very personalized advice to his clients, and has many contacts to call upon for additional expertise.  He is open, approachable, personable, and has a great sense of humour.  We consider ourselves very fortunate to be his clients, both financially and personally.”

Margaret Kelly

“Nancy provided us with a very thorough financial plan that helped us immensely so would could get a solid grip on our financial picture both for the present and future.”

John & Laura

“I have spent many years juggling accountants, tax preparers, lawyers, stock brokers, insurance agents and estate planners. While I have a reasonable idea of what I am doing, I missed having a source of sober, second thought. That is where Jason Heath comes in. These days everyone is a “financial planner”, but in fact Jason really is. He has helped with my investing strategy, my estate planning and my taxes, all with wisdom and experience and without bias. Thank you Jason. I have never felt so comfortable and in control of my financial affairs.”

Peter Cook

Broker/Senior VP Office Leasing, Cushman & Wakefield Ltd

“I chose to work with Jason because through our initial exchange of emails, I found him to be accessible, approachable, candid and frank.  That easily translated into a solid foundation of trust, which I believe is the key for a successful working relationship with any financial planner.  As we worked together for a period of time together, I feel his passion in educating the client about different aspect of financial planning and also in delivering customized solution for each unique situation.  I also like his expertise in explaining pension and his focus on the total well-being of the client – not just financially, but from a family dynamics and life experiences perspective.”

Jordan Wu

“As a former financial planning professional, I can confidently say that I deeply admire Jason Heath’s high level of personal and professional integrity.  He applies a very detailed and rigorous methodology to help families, and businesses, map out effective financial solutions that put their needs first – without the conflicts of interest faced within some competitor firms.”

Stephen Reesor

“Nancy looked at ways of maintaining our capital, reducing our costs and managing our risk factors.”


“Nancy really understood our situation and did not recommend any products whatsoever. She assisted in ways in which we could find these so we could make the best choice.”


“I am a DIY investor. Five years ago a friend who assisted me in managing an unregistered and two registered accounts died suddenly. Although I had maintained a general oversight of those investment accounts I was left not only with the problem of specific choices of investments but more significantly without an advisor who had provided me with an objective perspective and to act as a counterfoil from time to time. Through another friend I was introduced to Jason Heath and he has completely filled that void. He has reviewed and suggested changes to my financial plan; he has pointed out specific investments for my consideration; and most importantly he provides objective advice including introductions to possible investment opportunities. I highly value his judgment and his advice and I am confident that his only interest is in my finances.”

Don Brown

Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP

“Nancy is diligent, thorough, hard working, conscientious, and highly professional. She is committed to providing the highest level of client-service possible.”

Michael Curtis

President, Vision Systems Corp.

“Jason is smart, experienced and knows his stuff. He’s a great source for personal finance insight.”

Bruce Sellery

Author of “Moolala: Why smart people do dumb things with their money (and what you can do about it)” Columnist at Moneysense Magazine

“My husband and I have used Jason’s services for many years, starting before he was at Objective Financial Partners. His work is of such high quality that we decided to follow him when he left his last position. Jason covers off our financial planning and tax return preparation for our family. He also provides excellent ongoing advice for other financial questions/projects we have going on outside of our family home and personal taxes. My tax return can sometimes be complicated because I have a business outside of my employment – Jason has never had any issues with this and is able to consistently complete the paperwork maximizing the return for me. I have recommended him to many other people, and we will continue to work with Jason on an ongoing basis.”

Dvorah R.

Senior Manager

“True fee-only planners are rare in Canada but Jason Heath has established himself and his new firm on the vanguard of this growing area. His reputation for dispensing sensible objective guidance has also made him a go-to source for many media.”

Jonathan Chevreau

Editor, MoneySense Magazine

“Thanks for taking me on as a client. This has been an important exercise and has given me great insight into my financial affairs. You’ve been extremely helpful and I hope I can call on you from time to time to help me update my plan as circumstances change. I get the sense you have a thriving practice and hope you don’t mind if I recommend you to some of my friends.”

Jack Fleischmann

General Manager, Business News Network

“I am not sure how I would have handled all this without your advice and assistance. I really was naive about the process, timelines and the decisions to be made. To tell you the truth, I find it a bit nerve-wracking. Thank you Jason for your support.”

Judy S.

“We went to Nancy to help with our retirement plan and see if we were on the right track. We found Nancy to be very thorough and she explained everything clearly. We were very happy with the final report. It was clear, concise and put our minds at ease. We would not hesitate to recommend Nancy to anyone looking for straightforward financial advice.”

Nancy & Gerry

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