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At Objective Financial, our sole purpose is providing unbiased financial, tax and estate planning advice

Hello Canadian Financial Summiter! Welcome to Objective Financial Partners – Canada’s leading fee-only financial planning firm.

We are one of the few advice-only financial planning firms in Canada. We help people like you plan your finances in an objective and comprehensive manner. All of our financial planners are Certified Financial Planners (CFPs) and we take pride in the highly bespoke services we provide to clients.

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More About Us

Our clients have a net worth ranging from zero to several million dollars. Likewise with their income. They live in Canada, for the most part. Those who are not in Southern Ontario are open to working remotely via secure web conference, email and telephone.

Basically, our clients are Canadians looking for unbiased, objective and comprehensive financial, tax and estate planning advice. And they don’t want investment or insurance products to be co-mingled with that advice. Here are some of the services we offer: 

  • Fee-Only, Advice Only Financial Planning 
  • Retirement Planning 
  • Investment Strategy 
  • Tax Planning 
  • Insurance Needs 
  • Estate Planning

The purpose of this meeting is to understand your specific needs to determine if and how we can help. We then provide a quote for our services to be detailed in a written engagement letter that acts as our contract to you. Please note we cannot provide advice to you during this introductory meeting. 

We work with many self-directed DIY investors. That said, we cannot provide investment recommendations for the purchase or sale of specific securities, nor can other fee-only/advice-only financial planners in Canada who are not licensed to manage your investments. 

What is fee only financial planning?

So, what exactly is fee only financial planning? Essentially, it is a model of financial advice for which advisors are compensated solely by fees paid by clients for their services. Typically, these fees are hourly or flat fees that have nothing to do with a client’s assets or income – just the amount of time required to provide the financial planning services. This is unlike commission-based financial planners who earn commission from selling products to clients. Fee only financial planners do not receive any other form of compensation, meaning their advice remains objective and free from conflicts of interest.

How do fee only financial planners work?

Fee only financial planners typically start by evaluating your financial situation and goals before creating a tailored plan to help you meet them, taking into account factors like income, expenses, savings, debt, and other factors. Furthermore, fee only financial planners are experts at the financial planning process, rather than the investment and insurance products that might just be a small component of an overall financial plan.

How does fee only financial planning compare to other types of financial planners?

Commission-based financial planners may have an incentive to sell you financial products that may not meet your needs best. They may be paid more for recommending over solution over another, creating potential conflicts of interest that are not in your best interests.

What are the benefits of fee only financial planning?

As fee only financial planners are only compensated through client fees paid, there are no hidden commission fees or other conflicts of interest that might compromise objective advice from them. This allows clients to be sure their advice will always remain impartial.

Fee only financial planners offer many benefits, including conflict-free advice. As they’re not financially motivated to recommend specific financial products, you can rest easy knowing their advice will meet the unique goals and needs of every client.

Fee only financial planning provides personalized recommendations. Your advisor will take the time to fully comprehend your current and long-term financial needs before creating an individualized plan designed specifically to help you reach them. Hence, fee only financial advice helps ensure you achieve all your unique financial objectives successfully.

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We don’t sell investments, so we’re not going to tell you which stocks to buy and sell. However, we can build you a comprehensive and truly objective financial plan.