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At Objective Financial, our sole purpose is providing unbiased financial, tax and estate planning advice

Fee-For-Service Insurance Consultation

We can help you take the mystery out of insurance, including life insurance, disability insurance, and critical illness insurance. 

Whether you already have an existing insurance policy, you have received a proposal, or you are considering new insurance, we can provide an unbiased opinion that is in your best interest. 

We do not sell insurance or receive referral fees or commissions or any other compensation from third parties. Our insurance services are strictly on a consultative basis. We are paid only by our clients based on flat or hourly fees. 

Insurance is not something most people want to talk about or learn about, let alone pay for, but it is a necessary risk management tool for you and your family. Let us help assess your personal or corporate insurance needs and options and provide you with solid, objective advice. 


Common Areas of Concern 

What type of insurance do I need? 

How much life insurance do I need? 

How long do I need life insurance? 

Should I buy permanent or term life insurance? 

Is whole life or universal life insurance best for me? 

Does my spouse need life insurance? 

Should I consider life insurance for my children? 

How can insurance be a tax shelter? 

Should I keep life insurance in retirement? 

I have life insurance through my workplace group benefits already, so, do I need my own coverage as well? 

Should I name my spouse or children as my life insurance beneficiary, or should I name my estate? 

How does life insurance work in estate planning? 

What type of disability insurance policy do I need? 

Do I need third party disability insurance or is my group insurance coverage enough? 

Do I need critical illness insurance? 

Should I get private health insurance if I am self-employed? 

Do I need health insurance in retirement? 

Should I pay my insurance personally or corporately? 

What is split dollar critical illness for business owners and how does it work? 


Option # 1: Insurance Consultation – $500 

We provide up to a 1-hour consultation with our insurance advisor to discuss different types of insurance at a high level. 

Option # 2: Insurance Assessment – Starting at $1,500 

We review your insurance policy or insurance proposal (if applicable) and prepare an insurance needs analysis to determine the amount and type of insurance coverage you might consider. 

We provide up to a 1-hour consultation with our insurance advisor and a written memo with recommendations

Pricing varies depending on the type of policy: 

  1. Term life insurance / disability insurance / critical illness insurance – $1,500
  2. Whole life insurance – $2,000
  3. Universal life insurance – Starting at $2,000
  4. Other insurance – custom quotation 

Option # 3: Retirement Plan and Insurance Analysis – Starting at $4,500 

We build a personalized and detailed retirement projection that models the rest of your financial life, including a comprehensive year-by-year forecast of income, tax payable, basic expenses, extraordinary expenses, investment growth, debt repayment, pensions, inheritances, home purchase, home downsize, etc. 

We identify the savings required to retire at a certain age or the sustainable spending in retirement and determine how best to optimize your future saving or decumulation. 

We do an insurance needs analysis to determine the amount and type of insurance coverage you might consider. We prepare a detailed analysis of a personal or corporate insurance policy or proposal and review it with you. 

We provide financial planning and insurance recommendations to be delivered during a 1 to 2-hour meeting. A final version of the plan is provided for your records along with written recommendations. We then provide up to 1 hour of ongoing phone and email support for the remainder of the year to help implement your plan.  


Note: Our insurance services are for residents of British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario only. Prices excludes applicable sales tax.

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The purpose of this meeting is to understand your specific needs to determine if and how we can help. We then provide a quote for our services to be detailed in a written engagement letter that acts as our contract to you. Please note we cannot provide advice to you during this introductory meeting.

We work with many self-directed DIY investors. That said, we cannot provide investment recommendations for the purchase or sale of specific securities, nor can other fee-only/advice-only financial planners in Canada who are not licensed to manage your investments.

Please note our minimum consultation fee is $1,500 plus applicable sales tax. If you provide some information below and request it from us, we can provide a rough estimate on pricing prior to an introductory meeting.

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